Hello world

Hey, thanks for visiting.

This is an experiment. I want to make things and see if others want to buy them. I want to figure out what it takes to make products, as opposed to projects.

Part of that is talking about it. Getting the word out. Raising awareness. I have worked with enough marketing people, and enough makers and artists, to know that this is the part most creative people find most difficult. I know I do. So I tried to think about what I would like to talk about. If I have to share content in order to build an audience, what would I actually enjoy sharing?

Well, there is one thing that I know is distinctive about what I do, and that’s the thinking that goes into the things I make. Making and thinking are one and the same. And I reckon sharing some of that thinking could be valuable for me and for you. So that’s what I plan to do here. Welcome.