A pleasant surprise from Etsy - my first sale!

My first sale

I put up one of the products I’ve developed on Etsy, really as a provocation to myself to put something out in the world; to let others judge it, and to think about the whole process of developing, making, marketing and shipping a product with a deeper level of commitment.

So I was somewhat surprised when a week later, someone got in touch and wanted to buy one. This might be the first time someone who I don’t know, or who is under no obligation to be polite or to encourage me, has indicated that they like what I’ve made. I feel validated by the market.

I also feel a sense of urgency to figure out the production and shipping process – the parts that I’ve glossed over in my thinking so far. How am I going to make another one of these to the right level of quality? How will I ship it to the USA? How long is it going to take? How do I present it?

It’s a very welcome kick up the arse. Uncomfortable, no doubt, but an effective way to force progress.

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