Bubble Wrap

Economies of scale

I’ve never bought bubble wrap before; we just keep the useful packaging materials we receive and then reuse them when we have something to send. But now I want to ship something fragile over a large distance. And I want the recipient to have a pleasant unboxing experience. So I can’t use recycled bubble wrap that’s all torn up and covered in sticky tape. The same goes for cardboard shipping boxes and bags to put sundries in.

So I found myself hunting around on the web for the best prices for all these things. Generally, when we think about economies of scale, we think about the left side of that lever: the economy of doing things at a large scale. But when you’re buying packing materials, you soon start to feel the right side: the scale you need to buy at to get materials economically.

Anyway, we now have enough bubble wrap to last us for a good few packages. I’m looking forward to getting rid of some of it.

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